Co-Driver is a web-app about behaviour change. Together with Z energy we wanted to create a tool to help manage commercial fleets while encouraging safer and more efficient behaviour.

It spoke to Z's brand values to work towards creating safer and more efficient drivers and to do that we needed to engage the drivers themselves.

Alpha, Beta, Charlie

When I began working on the project Z had just completed an alpha trial of a web-portal built for fleet managers. Z was now ready to push the service further. At this stage Co-Driver was heavily focussed fleet managers and we were beginning to look at how we offered value to the individual drivers. The first step was transforming the web-portal into a web-app that could serve both manager and driver user types.

Z wanted to include drivers in Co-Driver for multiple reasons but chief among them was behaviour change. It spoke to Z's brand values to work towards creating safer and more efficient drivers, we needed to engage the drivers themselves. To do that we gave the them visibility and control over their performance, we built in rewards and incentives, and we facilitated conversations between drivers and managers.

We needed to shift the focus from the fleet managers to the drivers themselves in order to create behavioural change.

My role on the project

The first part of the project was figuring out how we expanded the the alpha trial to be more inclusive to drivers. I worked with UX designer Matt Lane to concept and wireframe new features designed to increase value for this new user type. These features included leaderboards, 'cleanstreaks' based on speed compliance, a dashboard, and trends page. These features were all designed with behavioural change in mind by focussing on long-term engagement.

The second part of the project for me was finding the Co-Driver 'brand' and using it to create finished designs from the wireframes. Up until now the the alpha trial had been almost brandless but for the new public facing app it needed to be part of the Z family. The difficulty with that is the Z brand is designed to stand out on a busy street. It's loud, it's confident, it's bold. What it isn't suited for is displaying large amounts of data and detail. So we created a cousin brand, something that felt part of the Z family but a little bit distant and a little bit toned down.