Can you guide your David 6 rover with the skill of a Master Controller?

Move David across foreign planets and solve puzzles as you collect samples, gain upgrades and improve your rank.


Thirteen years ago we received a coded signal from a planet like Earth.

Over the years we’ve sent several controllable rovers as part of the David program to the planet. These rovers are charged with the mission of investigating the surface of the planet and collecting samples for research.


Your job is to guide David through sections as he collects samples and investigates the planet.

The Davids are just simple machines who can only understand computer code. To make things a little easier for you, the controller, our tech team has designed an interface that turns commands into blocks which can be snapped together.

This is David 6

Complete missions to gain promotions, upgrade your David and earn badges.


Stay safe on Earth while David does the hard work.

As the controller your commands are sent to David by satellites. It takes a lot of energy to send and receive commands so they are sent in short bursts to get David a chance to recharge his antenna array.

This means you’ll need to combine all the commands needed to get David through a section into a script that can be sent in one burst.

How to play